“No More Sleeps!”

Christmas 012

Leona Lewis has a new Christmas record this year. If you haven’t heard it, it’s fantastic. There is a song on it called “One More Sleep”. I think we can nearly all relate to counting down the “sleeps” til Christmas!

I know I’ve been counting them down. As of this morning… NO more sleeps til I’m snug as a bug in my childhood home surrounded by, as Clark Griswold would say, “kith and kin”.

This morning I packed up my car and my furry little boy and headed…

HOME for Christmas!

I’m looking forward to seeing my nearly manic nieces and nephews dive head-long into the mounds of gifts and food tonight at our Christmas Eve celebration at Dad’s house. And then a very similar scene at my Mom’s house Christmas morning. I can’t wait to see my thirteen nieces and nephews open their gifts and against all odds, I may have even bought something my Dad will actually like this year! (Cue the fireworks and heavenly choir!)

In all the ear-splitting, mega-decibel craziness, it is truly heartwarming to know that my family will not forget the true meaning of this most beloved holiday. After we’ve cleared out the knee-high piles of torn wrapping paper and ribbon, we will once again join our voices and sing the traditional songs of the season.

In three (occasionally four) part family harmony, we will sing “Silent Night” and remember the birth of the God who robed himself in flesh.

Until next time…Merry Christmas Today and Every Day!

Aunt Zip