“An Empty Chair and the Target Check-out Line”



In the midst of all of our Christmas shopping, cooking, planning and let’s just say it…generally festive chaos… several of my friends took a little time out last evening for a celebration of a different sort.

A dear friend, who after years of raising a family, working and going to school part-time, just graduated from College. We felt this merited a special evening out. We planned, checked her schedule and ours and made reservations at a very nice restaurant overlooking the Nashville skyline and State Capitol.

I love Germantown Cafe. The ambiance is warm, the food is fantastic and the view is spectacular!

As my friends and I gathered (a bit early) we were shown to our table and began to soak in the atmosphere, chat and peruse the menu. We were all driving separately from different areas of town, so we didn’t think much about the fact that one seat remained yet unfilled. This group is never short on conversation, so we were catching up on our week, telling funny stories and laughing.

But, when 6:00 came and passed, I began to wonder about our missing friend. In this group, she is the least likely to be tardy to an event. I expressed concern and the person who had been in contact with her (who shall remain nameless) said “I hope I didn’t tell her the wrong restaurant.”.

She began to frantically scroll through her text messages and there it was…the last message she sent.

“I’ll confirm time and place with you later.”

We were sitting at an elegantly appointed restaurant ready to celebrate a huge milestone in our friend’s life and she hadn’t even been invited!!!

Thankfully she is a VERY good sport and after a barrage of texts and calls from a horrified group of friends, she made her way through the check-out line at Target and joined us!

Here’s hoping your Christmas Season doesn’t get so busy that you forget the most important element!

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11

Until next time…Merry Christmas Today and Every Day!

Aunt Zip


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